Our Review:

I was recently down in San Diego for the weekend and after taking in a Padre game I ended my night at the Rock Bottom. This bar was extremely fitting because I was pretty smashed by the end of the night.

The restaurant and bar had a pretty nice set up. It had the usual higher end brewery style look and feel. After taking a seat at the bar looking for a good beer I soon realized that I had come to the right place. I had the house IPA which was surprisingly good for being more of a chain establishment. I also ordered the buffalo wings and the nachos and yes I was there with two other people so this much food was acceptable. Both were really good and the wings were kickin’.

After the first IPA, I had there pale ale which wasn’t as good as their IPA but it was still enjoyable. There was a good amount of people at Rock Bottom Brewery and they were all pretty chill. No one was snooty or a tool which is one of the things I really like about the Gaslamp quarter. If I am back in this area, which is probably pretty likely, I would stop in for another drink.

Drinks 3.8/5
Food 4/5
Hotties 3/5
Tools 4/5 (Good)
Overall 3.8/5 and worth a stop when in Downtown San Diego

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