mikkeller invasion ipa

After my recent trip to Hi-Times in Costa Mesa, California I decided to come back with a different IPA than the normal tonight. They did have Sculpin, but I heard the batch was crap so I decided to come back with something I never heard of before, the Mikkeller Invasion IPA. After never hearing about Mikkeller, I decided to do some research about where this Mikkeller came from. It turns out that Mikkeller isn’t really a brewery. Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is a traveling brewer who goes to different breweries and makes magic. Mikkel tends to brew in breweries from Europe, but changed it up this time by doing it from the San Diego brewery, Drake’s.

For $8 for a 22oz I’d say that the Mikkeller Invasion IPA was decent. It didn’t have the best of taste, but it was a new beer to try and would say I’m glad I tried it, but I’d rather have gone with a safe bet.

Written by Steven
Steven is an editor for BarsFromLastNight.com and spends the majority of his weekends at the bar.