Don’t want to spoil any of the plot for you guys on the must see sequel of the year… (sorry kung fu panda 2) If you have seen the first hangover then consider yourself spoiled. Don’t get me wrong the movie is quite funny, but so is the first one was. It had your classic Alan man crush-moments with Phil and Stu, the infamous stripper situations and many more similar situations from the first one. You know a night out with the guys would not have been complete without Leslie Chow thrown into the mix. Some bumps, racial slurs and little penis’ make him the perfect fit once again for the movie. My favorite similarity from the first movie was Justin Bartha AKA Doug (Don’t worry we didn’t know his real name either) got his whopping 12 minutes of screen time.

Overall I thought The Hangover 2 was a pretty good time. I went in expecting something pretty similar to the original and that is exactly what was put up. I guess the producers said to themselves “fuck it if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and moved Vegas to Thailand (Thigh Land). In closing don’t go in to The Hangover 2 expecting the greatest movie of all time but a funny flick and I think you will be pleased.

Check out the sample of Stu’s song from The Hangover 2, that’s right folks there is a song in this one too.

Ed Helms – “Allentown” by christoph-klemm

Written by TheBigSleeze